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Sparta Aquifer Links
Results: Aquifer Levels Rising 2004-2014
Sparta Aquifer Recovery Monitoring Well Dedicated
Historical Groundwater Levels & Union County Water Usage, 8 USGS Real-Time Monitoring Wells
Louisiana: Well Levels 2004 - 2012
Louisiana: Water Quality Analyses thru 2013
Louisiana: UCWCB Report to LDNR June 2012
Project Map
Monitoring Well Network Map - Project Impact to Date
Water Quality Data 2001 - 2014
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Burns & McDonnell Benchmark Magazine: Sparta Comeback
Ouachita River Alternative Water Supply Project Description - 2006
AETN Special Report: "Troubled Water"
Rockefeller Foundation 2008: "Water Issues in Arkansas: An Unfinished Story"
Senator Pryor Welcomes Sparta Project Partners to D.C. to Accept U.S. Department of Interior Award
Final Report to EPA: Sparta Aquifer Recovery Study 2002 - 2007
Semi-Annual EPA Updates  

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Sparta Aquifer Recovery Study

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      AETN Special Report:

AETN Special Report:
"Troubled Water"
Rockefeller Foundation 2008:

Rockefeller Foundation 2008:
"Water Issues in Arkansas:
An Unfinished Story"
Semi-Annual EPA Updates

Semi-Annual 01 Final.pdf

Semi-Annual 02 Final.pdf

Semi-Annual 03 Final.pdf

Semi-Annual 04 Final.pdf

Semi-Annual 05 Final.pdf

Semi-Annual 05 Water Quality Update.pdf

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Semi-Annual 07 Final.pdf

Semi-Annual 08 Final.pdf

Semi-Annual 08 Addendum Groundwater Modeling Update.pdf

  Semi-Annual 09 Final.pdf Semi-Annual 09 Final.pdf

  Semi-Annual 10 Final.pdf Semi-Annual 10 Final.pdf


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